I am interested in what is between the lines and inside the cracks — everything which only can be described as a visual sentiment.



Similitude; as in a person resembling another, resembling something – anything. After a long summer and some procrastination a new series on canvas, ( 80 x 110 cm ) is finally seeing the light of day.


I have created a portfolio of words which both have been descriptive and fascilitating for my artistic process. Entities/charms/concoction – I have worked with concocted entities, because I wanted to explore the idea of constructing things with distinct and independent existence and then add an element of randomness. In Owl Charm as well as Monkey Charm, words have been concocted : Pattern/Monkey/ Bananas/fiber and Owl/Mice/Pattern/fiber.


My love affair with words like entities, scraps, and concoction has the same nature as any other love affair with ups and downs, but also blissful redemption when the process takes you to a richer and deeper place. The idea and addition of charms to my work process has created a fun and fulfilling place with so much to explore


This post features the last piece in my Landscape with Charms series, as well as the first piece within the title Landscape with Scraps. My idea was to take the unwanted, the leftovers, that which is left behind and make it my new entities. I have placed these new entities in a floating patchwork landscape, they do not look like charms but they serve as charms and by that in reality are charms.

Venturing in and out of a timeline.

In these days I often find myself venturing back to old ideas, rethinking, reshaping and reusing them in my current work. This is a new and very fulfilling situation for me. When I first reconnected with my art, I experienced myself in a process which only moved forward, now I experience the ability to venture in and out of my own proces. It feels very rewarding to be able to venture back, borrow ideas and use these in the context that I am currently working within.


In this piece charms are adorning the sides of a bright orange trunk structure which is surrounded by darkness. I wanted this work to depict a sentiment of ease in they way we conquer our biggest fears and challenges. The sentiment that a life challenge need not to be seen as a quest for survival but can be seen as a quest for life.

Dissected Insects

In this piece I concoct and disrupt by dividing patterns and fiber structures. The insects are dissected into small earthy entities. This piece frames the order that arises anew, as a consequence of disruption and division.


This small experimental work is an important piece in my pursuit of a technique to express sensations. The three-dimensional flowers and the pink stem are entities randomly placed in an orderly patterned landscape. They disrupt the landscape and demand attention.


Curiosity/fear/fascination, sentiments which we experience in glimpses, understand in glimpses. My titles and works wander around the cracks and lines in between, catching glimpses and giving them a visual appearance in which they can be glimpsed yet again.


The past couple of days I ventured down a path which led back to a previous idea and a previous title : Embracing – embracing the cracks and the lines in between.


One tattered bird and one who appears as a blue mass integrated in the background behind floating trees. In both pieces I work with the softness and transparency given by the fiber structures.


Birds have been a recurring theme in my past productions. They represent freedom and a longing for the unseen and unknown. In these two small works on paper I have returned to a place in my younger pure self in order to explore the possibilities this theme could have for me today.

Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead.

In this piece I have returned to the idea of concocting various elements, with the intention of creating an identity formed randomly by raw and and transparent sensations. A round facial shape onto which human attributes are attached contains the idea of how identity may be formed.

Unmasked ventures onto canvas.

This week I have taken Unmasked into a bigger format ( 80X100cm ) and onto canvas. The insects have become more fragmented — on one side entangled in, and on the other side shaping the contours of a face. Unmasked, acrylics and fiber on canvas, 80x100cm

Holding on and letting go.

This week, several pieces of Unmasked have ended their existence in the wastebasket. I have preserved the existence of one. The pieces which I let go are often the ones which lead the road and show where to go next.

Visual Identity

My vision is that these initial pieces from unmasked represent the beginning of a new large body of work. I am working to find a path which enables a way to express hidden and forbidden sentiments. My use of insects ( silk fiber entities ) was born from a desire to give a visual identity to all the stuff in the cracks and in-between.

Within Landscapes

This past week has been very contemplative. I have chosen to post two very small works which suggest the direction and development for my work process. Acrylic and fiber on paper, each 30x20cm


In this piece the silk entities have moved into the background. The view is from the inside and out. The loosely painted silk entities become the wilderness seen through an obstructed frame.


I have spent the past week working on paper – always a good path when one feels indecisive about which direction to take in the middle of a multitude of crossroads.


In this piece I wanted the entities to form an organic mass, existing despite the differences in the joined elements. Next week I plan to work on paper, as a preparation for a series of larger scale canvas works.


Dissociation is the act of separating complex object into parts, in direct opposition to my earlier concoction of entities. The shelter in the top left of the fractured landscape offers relief and continuity.


Concoction and entities have by now become an established part of my works´ DNA, and the connotations these words have for me personally have become important tools in my work process. I now want to bring a dimension of uncertainty and disruption into the process. To help me achieve that, I have chosen ( or fallen in love with ) a new word: dissociation.


As I experience artwork as a process, it occurred to me that it would be of interest to me and those who take interest in my work to narrate the correlation between work titles and work process. My process can be seen as a pursuit of the unknown or unpredictable, with some level of control setting in when the pursuit begins to spiral out of control and demand answers. The ideas of entities and concoction were developed from this demand as a mean to control chaos. Investigating material, media and method to find and establish a starting point for investigating…